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Agenda 15


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  • A lack of understanding

    16 Sep 15

    Construction delivers around 7% of the country’s GDP. So why does this Conservative government seem so intent on running the industry that has underpinned the economic recovery into the ground?

  • Retrofit: Low expectations

    2 Jul 15

    David Blackman looks at the vanishing chances of making green retrofit a national infrastructure priority

  • Skills: Up to the job?

    18 Jun 15

    With funding of apprenticeships under threat and training providers not always churning out people with the right skills, how will we get the workers we need?

  • Schools: Where are they all going to sit?

    28 May 15

    25% more new school places will be needed in the next five years than the previous five, yet the government is cutting overall capital funding by 16%

  • It’s time to fix the housing crisis

    22 May 2015

    With a dire shortage of homes in the country, what has the government got to do to get housing working again?

  • A Budget for the regions

    18 Mar 15

    The chancellor’s focus on regional growth was in contrast to his national infrastructure announcements, which lacked an integrated and coherent approach

  • Nobody wins

    13 Mar 15

    The rise of the smaller political parties could mean the next government finds it harder to take a pro-development stance on housebuilding

  • Time to be heard

    5 Mar 15

    MPs are frequently having their ears bent by lobby groups opposed to construction activity, but the run-up to May’s election is a real opportunity to redress the balance

  • UK construction 'chronically under-investing'

    4 Mar 15

    Ecobuild latest: Sir John Armitt and Richard Threlfall among industry leaders to highlight skills shortages at Building debate

  • Procurement has to be reformed

    25 Feb 15

    Failed frameworks are just one symptom of a system that’s not working - we need the next government to act urgently

  • Hear our voice

    20 Feb 15

    The sector’s thoughts on political developments count for little if they’re not being heard by Westminster

  • Steve Gee: The contender

    20 Feb 15

    Not content with being the boss of QS John Rowan, Steve Gee is standing as Liberal Democrat candidate for his local constituency of Epsom and Ewell. Building is joining him on the campaign trail

  • UK construction firms get behind Agenda 15

    23 Jan 15

    Firms including Aecom, Morgan Sindall and KPMG get behind initiative

  • Why we're backing Agenda 15

    23 Jan 15

    Our Agenda 15 campaign manifesto sets to influence the next government by setting out what construction needs to thrive. Here’s why some of those who have signed up to support it think this initiative is so important

  • Agenda 15 manifesto

    9 Jan 15

    Building’s manifesto for construction for the next parliament is now online here - and we want you to register your support

  • A manifesto for construction

    9 Jan 15

    Our Agenda 15 campaign aims to influence the next government by telling politicians what construction needs to thrive. Here, we explain the manifesto aims and how you can support them

  • Skills crisis will hold back growth in 2015, experts warn

    9 Jan 15

    ‘Deep seated lack of skills’ identified as Experian prepares to up output growth forecast to 6%

  • Register your support for our Agenda 15 manifesto

    9 Jan 15

    Please register your support for our manifesto - the more supporters we have, the greater influence we can wield with politicians from all parties

  • Time to be heard

    9 Jan 15

    As Westminster plans for the election, now is the time for construction to show its importance to the country’s growth

  • Labour lays out plan to boost Green Deal

    10 Nov 14

    Party pledges to subsidise Green Deal interest rate

  • Online poll: School spending

    23 Oct 14

    Should the manifesto contain a pledge for a government-funded programme to address the predicted shortage of new school places? Vote here

  • Online poll: Funding training

    16 Oct 14

    Do you think the government should continue with the industry levy used to fund training in trade skills? Vote here

  • Online poll: Taxation

    9 Oct 14

    Do you support implementation of an urgent wide-scale review of development and property taxation in the UK? Vote here

  • Agenda 15 draft manifesto

    22 Sep 14

    Building’s draft manifesto for construction for the next parliament is now online for consultation here - and we want you to let us know what you think

  • Agenda 15: The next phase

    19 Sep 14

    As the party conference season approaches, Building is now ready to unveil the next stage of its Agenda 15 campaign to create a manifesto for construction for the next parliament.

  • Agenda 15: Your views

    6 Aug 14

    The spotlight turns to sustainability policy and ways to promote longer-term infrastructure planning

  • Agenda 15: What you said

    1 Aug 14

    Building has been asking the construction industry what policies the next UK government needs to adopt - here we review your responses

  • Agenda 15: What's the big idea?

    23 May 14

    Want a say in shaping the future of the construction sector? With Agenda 15, Building is gathering the most important policy proposals for the next UK government to address. From infrastructure to environmental issues, it’s a chance to have your voice heard - but hurry, submissions close on 13 June

  • Let's pick up the pace

    23 May 14

    Despite claims that Westminster has entered a ‘zombie state’, it’s the perfect time for the industry to be putting forward policy ideas

  • Help to Buy: Keep up the support

    23 Apr 14

    Retaining the Help to Buy scheme through to 2020 would provide the confidence the industry needs to invest and increase housing supply, and enable thousands of people to buy their first home

  • Over to you: Osborne's simple act of trust

    28 Mar 14

    The chancellor’s Budget decision to give pensioners more control over their pension pot was a great example of how politicians should trust the electorate to make sensible decisions. Let’s have more of it

  • Agenda 15: Green priorities

    20 Mar 14

    In the latest in our series on Building’s Agenda 15 campaign ahead of the next election, and fresh from the Ecobuild sustainability event, we report on what the industry wants the government to do about green regulation

  • Budget 2014: Over to you, George

    14 Mar 14

    Ahead of next week’s Budget, Building looks at the measures the construction industry can expect to emerge from Osborne’s red box

  • A mixed school report

    13 Mar 14

    December’s progress report into school procurement went largely unnoticed – but if the UK is to provide the education places its population needs, both the government and the industry need to sit up and pay attention

  • Contractors call for Budget boost to green construction

    7 Mar 14

    UKCG calls for ‘proper programme for retrofit’ as energy secretary Ed Davey pledges reforms to help market

  • Agenda 15: Quite a climb

    27 Feb 14

    A recovery of sorts is under way, but large parts of the industry are still struggling to grow. As part of Building’s Agenda 15 campaign, we want to hear your views on what the obstacles to growth are and how can we overcome them. To prompt your thinking, we asked four industry leaders for their views

  • Agenda 15: The place of the construction industry in the political debate

    18 Feb 14

    The Agenda 15 question is not just about the issues; it’s about making our democratic system work more effectively

  • Agenda 15: Spending priorities

    14 Feb 14

    As part of Building’s Agenda 15 campaign to influence the national political debate ahead of the next election, we launched one of the biggest consultations ever undertaken in the industry. This week we want you to tell us where future government spending should be prioritised. To help get you thinking, here’s the case for six of the biggest construction spending departments

  • Short-term crises need long-term solutions

    14 Feb 14

    Even without the shock effect of the recent floods, it is clear that much of the UK’s building and infrastructure provision is already in crisis

  • This is why they’re supporting Building’s Agenda 15 ...

    6 Feb 14

    At the start of the year Building launched its Agenda 15 campaign - an attempt to pull together a manifesto for construction in advance of the next election. In reaction, the industry’s largest organisations have sent us messages of support, highlighting important issues for the political parties to address

  • How can we decide where to invest?

    3 Feb 14

    Major national decisions such as backing the injection of £43bn into HS2 seem to be made ad hoc

  • Will Labour listen?

    31 January 2014

    With election nearing, how much can we learn about a future Labour government’s policies towards housebuilding?

  • Construction 2025: Looking for a roadmap

    28 Jan 14

    Construction 2025 reminds us of the direction of travel but what’s needed now is a clear plan on how the industry can get to where it needs to be

  • Dear next prime minster …

    24 Jan 14

    Agenda 15 is Building’s campaign to influence the next government by telling politicians what construction needs to be able to thrive. To get you thinking, we’ve asked four senior figures in the sector what single policy change they would most like to see adopted by the next government

  • Doing the robot

    24 Jan 14

    For an industry still, largely, employing the same methods of construction as it did five decades ago, advances in technology represent an opportunity to explore more efficient ways of working

  • Is it time to regulate all housing provision?

    22 Jan 14

    Radical solutions are needed if the basic right of a roof over your head is to be made affordable again

  • Industry calls for Green Deal loan guarantees

    21 Jan 14

    UK Green Building Council report calls for government to underwrite Green Deal loans in bid to bring down interest rate and drive take up

  • Labour plans to boost retrofit with Green Deal guarantee

    17 Jan 14

    Shadow energy minister reveals strategy to drive take-up of beleaguered energy efficiency scheme

  • Politicians need to take green drive up a gear

    17 Jan 14

    How much will the EU’s new targets for reducing carbon emissions fuel energy efficiency work in the near term?

  • Let's politics-proof infrastructure

    15 Jan 14

    Sir John Armitt’s recent report suggests we need a long-term infrastructure programme that exists beyond the whims of changing governments. Building’s Agenda 15 initiative could give the industry a chance to make this a reality

  • Building's Agenda 15 campaign

    10 Jan 14

    The UK goes to the polls on 7 May 2015, but political parties will be forming their policies from now. So it is the time for the construction industry to tell the politicians what it needs to be able to thrive

  • Agenda 15: Time to build our future

    10 Jan 14

    Building’s new initiative, aimed at influencing the main political parties’ policies for the sector, kicks off with one of the biggest industry consultations ever undertaken.

  • 2014: The bigger picture

    10 Jan 14

    We saw construction beginning to pick up in 2013 and a few pieces of the construction strategy jigsaw fall into place. This year the onus will be on the industry to lead change that will deliver better value, faster

  • John Armitt: ‘Blackouts would be the best possible thing that could happen’

    10 Jan 14

    John Armitt says the UK is ‘close to crisis’ on the development of major infrastructure. So no wonder he thinks something radical is called for - and taking party politics out of big infrastructure decisions is just the start.

  • From January ...

    2 Dec 13

    … Building will be running Agenda 15, a large-scale editorial campaign that will run until the next general election in 2015

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