CMS Acoustic Solutions has launched SuperPhon Hi-Impact, an acoustically absorbent wall panel for use in high-impact areas such as gymnasiums, sports halls and classrooms

The panels comprise sound-absorbent, non-combustible glass fibreboard with a front panel of thermally bonded polyester acoustic fibre and a tough, high-density polyester backing. They are finished with an open-weave acoustic fabric covering. According to the company, they improve listening conditions by impeding the transmission of sound through the panel and by absorbing sound at the surface to achieve a sound absorption coefficient of up to 1.0. The panels are offered in thicknesses of 37mm and 62mm, up to 3m high and up to 1.2m wide.

They can be fixed to a wall using non-visible fixing systems. Mounting the panels on timber battens further enhances their acoustic performance as this creates an air void for additional sound absorption.

CMS Acoustics