A window that maximises ventilation while minimising the risk of self-harming has been developed for hospitals by Kawneer

The AA 3110 is a horizontal sliding window that has anti-ligature features such as a wraparound gasket that breaks into harmless pieces when there is an attempt to remove it, and a streamlined handle that cannot be used as a ligature point.

As well as a concealed mechanism that enables the window to be locked open at 100mm, other safety features include anti-lift blocks so the sliding vents cannot be removed, and options for glazing up to 33mm for specialist safety or security glass.

The unit is available in a variety of sizes with a maximum sliding vent weight of 200kg and options for operation from inside or outside, making it suitable for balcony environments. It can also be specified in single or double-sliding options, three or four-pane options and comes with a stainless steel track with adjustable wheels allowing for smooth and robust operation.



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