Women in construction and the gender pay gap

Here you'll find gender pay gap reporting data, analysis and comment, as well as Building's Women in Construction campaign. We welcome your comments to continue the debate.

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Gender pay gap: outnumbered

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The UK’s gender pay gap results are out and guess which sector performed worst? You got it – construction. Jamie Harris and Chloë McCulloch look at what the figures really mean, what people in the industry think about the results and how the gap can be closed

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Building survey - gender pay gap


Earlier this month, Building conducted a snapshot survey to gauge the views of its readers on gender pay gap reporting within their organisations, as well as across the sector. Here, we share some of the survey’s findings, including some of the differences between male and female respondents.

Gender equality

Gender pay gap in construction - the league table


A comprehensive list of gender pay gap data for UK firms in construction

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To boost female representation, civil engineering must tackle a more fundamental perception challenge


To attract female talent, civil engineers need to become more than the unsung heroes of the built environment

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The gender pay gap – it's just not that simple


The final deadline of gender pay gap information has now passed. Gill Parker of BDG architecture + design explains why the final result should not be taken at face value

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Gender pay gap: The data is bad, so what will you do about it?


Women working for construction firms take home lower average earnings than men - that’s a fact, but one that shouldn’t be tolerated

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