Permascreed is a new mastic asphalt screed from Permanite Asphalt which offers a speedy way to create drainage falls and a stable base for flat roof waterproofing systems and mastic asphalt car parks.

Unlike wet screeds, which require curing time, with Permascreed work can continue to install the waterproofing as soon as it has cooled to ambient temperature.

Made from bitumens, limestone filler and aggregates, Permascreed is supplied directly to site in purpose-built hot-charge transporters and can be applied at a wide range of thicknesses and falls, usually on in-situ and pre-cast concrete bases. According to the company, the screed is suitable for refurbishments and new build, does not require compaction or a separate vapour control layer and provides temporary waterproofing.

Permanite Asphalt (308)