Digital transformation


Arup Q&A: Digital technology and dealing with a pandemic

Arup’s chief information officer on how the coronavirus pandemic has propelled digital transformation


How the pandemic is driving digital uptake

Construction is facing a difficult year, with covid-19 restrictions crippling site productivity. Yet at a webinar discussion hosted by Building, technology experts shared an optimistic view of how the sector’s responsive adaptations could drive long‑term improvement.

Michelle Barkess

Data in a crisis: Innovating at speed

This awful pandemic has pushed construction to adopt new technology at pace, and there will be no going back

Will Squires BW 2019

Lockdown is taking digital collaboration to the next level

Delivering essential projects in difficult times reveals technology’s ability to bring us closer together in a crisis

Paul mullett bw 2018

3D printing in construction: Where is the value?

Let us welcome 3D printing with open arms as an in-progress case study on innovation, writes Robert Bird Group’s Paul Mullett

Matthew Marson_BW_cutout

When smart isn’t very clever

Matthew Marson has worked on designing smart technology throughout his career. But sometimes it can go wrong…


As important as the internet: Are digital twins the next big thing for construction?

Digital transformation has centred on BIM for years. But digital twin technology could radically change the industry – if it can realise its potential


Government in talks to export smart construction know-how

Strategy to boost overseas trade in technologies such as BIM set to be unveiled in coming months

Machine learning shutterstock_1058815598

Applied technology: Machine learning

The use of machine learning could improve the way we predict cost, quantity, schedule and outcomes for the built environment

Mark Boyle CUTOUT

We must put modular at the heart of construction

Modular construction has seen a surge in popularity, but there are still many barriers to it becoming the preferred method of project delivery

Smart homes tech sept 2019 shutterstock_1107359975 [Converted]2

The rise of the smart home

An increasing demand for smart devices has opened up fresh ways of differentiating new-builds while increasing customer satisfaction

Digital transformation september 2019 panel debate shutterstock_697695826

Using technology to fix construction's productivity crisis: 11 talking points

Industry experts met recently to debate the problems that technology can solve – and the headaches that will have to be cured first


It’s time for a new body to support our digital experts in construction

Allister Lewis explains why – along with his industry colleagues – he’s setting up a new industry body for digital specialists


Want a revolution in project planning? Click here

A consortium including Vinci, Skanska and the BRE is building a tool called PLASMA that aims to reduce costs and time on site by 25%

Digital special: What can construction learn from the music industry?

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