As comms rooms become more densely populated with hardware and cabling, restricted airflows can result in more cooling requirements, more power consumption and rising costs.

With cabling intended for 10GBASE-T cables applications, these issues are compounded by the vital need to protect against “alien” crosstalk – the noise picked up from adjacent cables in tightly packed spaces and pathways.

Brand-Rex has now developed a high-performance augmented category 6 cabling solution that aims to overcome this. Called 10GPlus Zone, it is a ClassEA performance product with an outside diameter of 5.4mm which, says the company, is 30% lighter and more flexible than conventional shielded category 6 cabling, making it easier to install.

Suitable for channel lengths of up to 70m, it can be used in data centres, server rooms and other environments where space is at a premium.

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