Dynalite has launched the Ecolinx lighting energy management system for commercial buildings.

The system offers luminaire-by-luminaire dimming and on/off lighting control for a range of applications, from small offices to campus-sized installations.

The system will help building owners and occupiers realise effective lighting energy management strategies, and ultimately meet the ever-expanding European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Ecolinx comprises a full range of controllers, multi-function occupancy and light-level sensors, user interface panels and switches, a PC-based graphical control and monitoring interface, plus Dynalite’s peer-to-peer communications serial bus network, DyNet. The modular and distributed nature of the Ecolinx system ensures it is flexible to meet the needs of the building occupants and their changing interior space requirements.

The fundamental building block of Ecolinx is the Dynalite DBC905 high-frequency ballast controller. All nine of the unit’s output channels can be individually and independently software configured to one of three popular ballast control and monitoring broadcast protocols – 1 to 10V analogue control, digital serial interface (DSI), or digital addressable lighting interface (DALI).

The system can also be connected to other intelligent building systems such as building management system networks, ethernet-based LAN and wireless networks, AV control systems, DMX-based architectural lighting systems and even remote access via the internet.



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