Panduit has launched the Net Access server cabinet (pictured). The cabinet is the result of a collaboration with IBM, and the company claims it provides improved performance in terms of cable management, cooling efficiency and grounding over previous generation server cabinets.

The cabinet has been designed to ensure that the industry recommended clearance is maintained between equipment and cabinet walls by properly routing cables away from ventilation pathways. Air-blocking features ensure cold air is directed to the servers, and the cable management has been designed to eliminate cable and power cord congestion behind the servers. This allows server fans to more efficiently exhaust air, improving network performance and availability as well as enhanced power efficiency.

The optional Net Access cooling door provides an additional 20kW of cooling per cabinet. When compared to forced-air cooling options, the Net Access Cooling Door contains fewer moving parts, consumes less energy and provides a migration path to increased server densities.

The cabinets have inset frame posts, creating large and accessible vertical pathways for routing cables and mounting vertical patch panels and power outlet units. Cable management fingers align with rack spaces to support and provide bend radius control for cables.

Panduit has also launched the GridRunner underfloor cable routing system, a modular wire basket pathway designed to route and manage data and power cabling beneath raised floors.

According to the company, installation costs and deployment time are reduced because the pre-assembled mounting brackets and drop-in wire basket sections eliminate the need for cutting and ease assembly.

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