Residential developer Skipton Properties is using Insulslab SFRC, a super-insulated and integrated foundation system, for its Grove Mills development in Keighley

Replacing a traditional raft foundation system, Insulslab SFRC delivers a number of benefits, claims the company, including greater onsite efficiency and enhanced performance.

Constructed of interlocking expanded polystyrene pods, the system minimises manual handling throughout construction. As a complete system, the pods are laid in place to form a substantially rigid “waffle”-shaped slab, with steel fibre reinforced concrete then poured on top to deliver the foundation up to ground floor slab level. By using the BBA-approved system in place of traditional reinforced concrete, it simplifies the installation procedure, reduces the overall volume of concrete and minimises the amount of steel required in the construction, claims the company.

It also says it will deliver superior insulation performance compared to traditional foundation systems. Complying with Part L of the Building Regulations, it achieves typical U-values of 0.10-0.12W/m2K and gives specifiers greater flexibility within the overall design of the thermal envelope.