Natural Building Technologies has launched Pavaflex, a natural insulation manufactured from sustainable wood fibre

Supplied as an easy-to-handle insulating batt, Pavaflex provides a simple, sustainable way of delivering high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation for lofts, walls and floors.

The batts are fully breathable, helping ensure the building structure is able to self-regulate moisture levels to prevent interstitial or internal condensation and resulting damp and mould.

Pavaflex’s high density – 55Kg/m3 – means the batts are self-supporting and not subject to slumping. They also have high levels of thermal mass, which provides effective insulation against overheating in summer.

The batts have a thermal conductivity of just 0.038W/mK, while the complex non-woven structure also reduces heat loss through convection. Its vapour-open, hygroscopic properties, which enable it to regulate moisture levels, also mean there is no heat loss through dampness, claims the company.

Natural, non-reacting compounds added to the material provide protection against insects, biological and fungal attack. In addition, Pavaflex is CE marked, has a Euroclass E fire protection rating, and is approved for use as loft, wall and ceiling insulation. It is also free from CFCs and VOCs and does not constitute a waste hazard on disposal.

Batts are available in lengths of 1.35m and widths of 375mm and 575mm. Thicknesses range from 40mm to 240mm, in 20 mm increments, with a 50mm-thick batt also available. They can be cut to size with a knife or wood saw.

Natural Building Technologies