Timoleon has supplied an underfloor heating system as part of a major refurbishment programme for Queen Anne’s Gate in London, a four-storey private house, built in around 1700

A number of techniques were used to match the floor constructions at differing levels throughout the building. In the basement, Timoleon pipework was integrated into screeded concrete floors. The company’s new Metis ClipPlate solution provides a versatile means of retaining the pipe to the required layout while the 10mm layer of expanded polystyrene integrated beneath each plate also guards against deformation and offers protection from site traffic and the screeding process.

On the upper floors, a Timoleon Aether FoilBoard system has been adapted to meet the needs of the suspended timber floors and ancient joists.

This comprises 50mm of high-efficiency insulation material with a layer of aluminium bonded to the upper surface – into which channels are preformed, ready to accept Timoleon’s 15mm polybutylene heating pipe.