Firebird has added to its Enviromax range of boilers with the Slimline Combi

At 520mm wide, the Enviromax Slimline Combi is a high-efficiency SEDBUK A-rated oil boiler which is suitable as a replacement for a standard efficiency combi.

The Enviromax Slimline Combi uses Firebird’s integrated heat exchanger design where the condensing heat exchanger is incorporated into the base of the main boiler body. This, says the company, ensures that the slightly acidic condensate is kept away from the main body shell, eliminating any possibility of corrosion, and also avoids the need for a replaceable seal between the main heat exchanger and the condenser.

The unit uses twin pumps for the central heating and domestic hot water giving reduced wear and tear and eliminating the need for a bespoke diverter valve within the boiler casing, while a thermistor rather than a flow switch is used to sense when a hot tap is turned on.

The flue can be situated on the left or right of the boiler for increased versatility.