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  • Chloe mcculloch black

    Construction needs a deal


    As things stand – more than two years after the Leave vote – we still have no idea what it actually means for any sector of the economy, least of all construction. 

  • Tom Pemberton BW 2018

    Preparing for Brexit: what can you do to protect your position?


    While it is mightily difficult to predict exactly what the circumstances will be for construction next March, there are some options for businesses to mitigate any Brexit risk that may arise

  • Richard steer bw 2017

    Brexit: Prepare for the worst


    Watching the minimal impact on the industry over the past two years, I’ve tried to be optimistic about Britain leaving the EU – but now the tide seems to be turning

  • Manny Aparicio BW 2018

    Housing crisis facing a crisis of its own - recruitment


    The sector is at a crossroads, and unless we can find a way to solve the recruitment problem and make construction more attractive, we have a problem

  • ann bentley bw 2017 web

    Let’s not lose the global view


    We are seeing the rapid growth of nationalism and popularism – what does this mean for construction’s global ambitions?

  • Richard steer bw 2017

    All on our own


    Those who voted for Brexit have got what they wanted: fewer migrants coming to this country to work. So now who’s going to build our houses?

  • Andrew stunell bw 2017 l

    A half-time pep talk is needed


    Exactly halfway through the two-year Brexit countdown, is it time to stop and think if we want to play this game at all

  • Andrew stunnell bw 2017 l

    Surviving the Brexit meltdown


    The government seems barely to recognise the disconnect between its desire to invest in infrastructure and housing and its determination to reduce immigration. Our industry must work with it to at least limit the fallout