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    Passivhaus diaries: Keeping it all in


    It’s taken longer than expected to turn a leaky Edwardian house into an exemplar of energy efficiency. Now it’s finished project architect reports on the exterior insulation, finishing off and how the house is performing

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    Ecobuild: Five top trends


    In this week’s Ecobuild special, we take a look at five top trends to find out about at the show on 1-3 March. And there are some surprising suggestions to help you get more green

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    Refurb: Comparing Passivhaus and Decent Homes


    The government’s target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 means that housebuilders need to implement changes, starting now. But with so many ways to reduce emissions in new and existing homes, how do you decide which regulations to follow?

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    Green army: How the Green Deal will work


    The government hopes its Green Deal will encourage homeowners to install energy efficiency measures and create an army of 250,000 to do the work. Sounds great, says Iain Withers - but will anyone join up?

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    Your easy guide to the Code for Sustainable Homes


    The new Code for Sustainable Homes has finally arrived. Here’s a 10-point summary of the changes and the suggestions that didn’t make it into the final document

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    Sustainability Awards 2010: The winners and runners up


    Who are the clients, contractors, designers and manufacturers leading the way in boosting green construction? Well, many of them are right here. Here we list the winners and runners-up in this year’s Sustainability Awards

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    Qatar's zero carbon stadium: 96 degrees in the shade


    Qatar wants to host the 2022 World Cup. But first it has to convince FIFA that the game can even be played in a Qatari summer. So it got Arup Associates to create a micro-climate inside a 500-seat test stadium. Cool.

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    Passivoffice: First UK office to reach Passivhaus standards


    Powys council was worried by rises in gas prices, so it decided to make its Stag teaching facility the first office in Britain to reach Passivhaus standards. After horrendous design problems, the team spent 12 months collecting data on how it performed. And, as Thomas Lane reports, the figures came ...

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    Eco co-housing schemes: Give it a spin


    The UK has begun experimenting with co-housing schemes that aim to slash emissions while encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle - as you can imagine, communal washing machines that run on harvested rainwater are de rigueur

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    David Penfold on Sainsbury’s waste strategy


    David Penfold is a driven man: he has to cut Sainsbury’s waste to as close to zero as possible. And given the amount of activity that the store engages in, he needs good ideas and even better suppliers.

  • City Academy Hackney

    Cost model: Part L


    The upcoming changes to Part L will crank up the low-carbon agenda. The authors consider the costs and their influence on design

  • Jellyfish theatre

    Junk Jellyfish theatre emerges on Bankside


    Theatre designer Martin Kaltwasser struggles with buiding bureaucrats to deliver this pop-up recycled theatre in Southwark

  • Belvedere energy from waste

    Energy from waste: 'A wonderful place to be'


    There’s going to be a £2bn-a-year building boom in energy-from-waste plants, like this one, over the next 15 years. Kristina Smith finds out how to turn base matter into gold

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    Costs and challenges of biodiversity planning


    Dormice are protected, frogs need water and bats return after removal – just some of the challenges in dealing with British fauna and flora

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    Green FIZZ: Coca-Cola's Spanish HQ


    Coca-Cola’s new Spanish HQ is refreshingly eco friendly and even boasts a LEED ’gold’ certification

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    Greening commercial property: What is acceptable behaviour in an office?


    Well, installing energy-efficient plant and using it intelligently, are two examples. And this Carbon Trust mini-conference explains why it could save us all £27bn over the next 40 years

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    Embodied energy: The next big carbon challenge


    Reducing the amount of embodied energy in building materials won’t be easy – but it’s essential

  • The scheme consists of a seven-storey and an 11-storey block, which has stunning views over Brighton

    Mainstream green: Brighton belle


    One Brighton is the brainchild of the team behind super-green development BedZed. But although sustainability is at the heart of the scheme, it’s going to do it its own sweet way

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    Positive thinking: Masdar HQ


    The seven-storey Masdar Headquarters, under construction outside Abu Dhabi, will be the world’s first large building that generates more energy than it consumes

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    The big brother houses: monitoring residents' energy use


    Housebuilders can specify all the green technology they want, but what happens when human beings get left in charge of the thermostat? Buro Happold installed sensors to find out, then told Thomas Lane what they discovered