Sustainability Focus – Page 8

  • Clients

    The Global Clients Group


    Building and Ecobuild seek to capture the knowledge of the world’s most sustainable clients

  • clients

    It's not easy being globally green


    Roxane McMeeken examines the problems facing multinational clients trying to employ the same tough sustainability standards from Brazil to Bangalore

  • housing

    Passivhaus for dummies


    An off-site Passivhaus solution has been developed that can, its maker claims, be put up by anyone able to hold a hammer. Thomas Lane reports

  • Graph

    Sustainability: PV Costs


    Adam Mactavish of Sweett Group looks at why the cost of residential photovoltaic systems has fallen, assesses their cost effectiveness and considers the potential for future cost reductions

  • The Crystal

    Case study: Siemens Crystal


    Royal Victoria Dock plays home to a new exhibition venue with sustainability at its heart, the Siemens Crystal

  • Whole life costs

    Whole-life carbon: New-build schools


    Through the careful specification of timber it is possible to reduce the whole-life carbon footprint of a school by over 15%

  • Gardens by the bay

    Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


    How Wilkinson Eyre found a sustainable way of cooling two vast glass conservatories in one of the hottest climates on Earth

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability: The energy bill


    Phil Birch and Adam Mactavish of Sweett Group summarise some of the key elements in the draft bill to reform the electricity supply market, and consider the implications for commercial property

  • Aldgate House

    Whole-life carbon: Prestige offices


    Using the example of a building in the City of London, Gareth Roberts of Sturgis Carbon Profiling explains how new European standards for whole-life carbon assessment can make big savings

  • Wind turbine

    Offshore wind farms: Winds of change


    Tidal turbine technology is changing fast and offshore wind turbines are getting bigger, so the government-backed firm Narec is investing £80m into its testing facilities to simulate the harsh conditions at sea. Thomas Lane explains

  • Careers Sustainability

    Careers in sustainability: Pioneers of the eco economy


    Behind initiatives such as the London 2012 legacy and the Regeneration Project lies a fundamental rethinking of the way that society and economic systems need to work. And that’s going to need an entirely re-skilled construction industry

  • Special report

    Special report: M&E in retail


    With seven of last year’s top 10 BREEAM-rated retail stores to its name and its first energy centre about to open, the John Lewis Partnership is setting the pace when it comes to carbon-free shopping

  • Economics

    Energy ratings: Rented property


    From April 2018, landlords will no longer be able to let buildings with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of below E without demonstrating that all cost-effective measures to improve energy efficiency have been implemented. Adam Mactavish and Richard Quartermaine of Sweett Group and Charles Woollam of SIAM examine the ...

  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers More London HQ achieved BREEAM Excellent

    Energy-efficient buildings – too clever by half?


    A survey for Building’s Sustainability White Paper suggests that occupants find new buildings only marginally more efficient than older ones. Are their elaborate energy-slashing systems just too complicated to operate?

  • Rising Stars

    Top 50 rising stars of sustainability


    We meet the construction industry’s green trailblazers

  • Breeam

    The University of Bradford: The stuff of BREEAM


    For a university to have one building with an unprecedented 95% BREEAM score is impressive, but to have two suggests it really knows what it is doing. Building examined Bradford’s Sustainability and Enterprise Centre to find out its secret

  • news analysis

    30 things you might not know about Part L


    The latest consultation on the energy regulation has already been attacked from all sides, but with the first changes set to come into force in October, housebuilders can’t afford to ignore it. Vern Pitt lays it all out on the lawn

  • Marks and Spencer

    Sustainable supermarket: M&S's new Cheshire Oaks store


    At this enormous store in Chester, M S is putting its Plan A sustainability programme to the test. And from the zero-waste policy to the innovative use of natural materials, all the evidence suggests that this is one plan A that is actually working … Building reports

  • bleak housing

    Is the Green Deal heading for failure?


    The Green Deal is supposed to be the biggest domestic refurbishment programme since the Second World War. But the government’s own figures predict it will be anything but. Joey Gardiner asks if the coalition’s flagship policy could be heading for failure

  • Eco Homes Old Apple Store

    A lot to live up to: Building houses that meet predicted energy use


    The gap between a house’s predicted energy use and actual performance has been comprehensively panned. Building meets three developers who reckon their projects will show that low carbon on paper can mean low carbon in practice