Sustainability Focus – Page 9

  • News Analysis

    Carillion's purchase of Eaga: Blinded by the sun


    In April, Carillion bought Eaga - a company with big plans to install PV panels on 30,000 homes - and rebranded it as Carillion Energy Services. Seven months later, government feed-in tariffs have been cut in half, and all 4,500 jobs are on the line. So was the £298m purchase ...

  • Hydropower

    Hydropower: Water works


    With all the controversy over solar, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that hydropower produces a thousand times more electricity. Building investigates a power source that could light up the industry

  • Fancy a fourth layer?

    Quadruple glazing: Fancy a fourth layer?


    It’s winter and our thoughts turn to keeping warm by any means necessary. Is quadruple glazing the solution? Thomas Lane peeks out from behind his curtains to ask the experts

  • Specifier opener

    Zero carbon housing using underfloor thermal heat stores


    When you’ve got houses and flats on a tiny plot, no room to store fuel and little roof space, finding a zero-carbon heating solution is tricky. One team went underground to find the answer

  • econom

    Sustainability: Building structures


    In-use energy consumption is well regulated, so should we now consider embodied carbon? Isabel McAllister and Anthony Mitchell of Cyril Sweett, Steve Webb and Anna Beckett of Webb Yates report

  • News analysis

    Party conference season: Rate my policy


    Party conference season is upon us and this year the agenda is more relevant to construction than ever. Building looks at the likely policies to emerge and invites you to keep tally of their impact on the industry

  • spec

    Triple glazing: Clear technology


    Triple glazing is no longer the preserve of environmental zealots, it has become a practical and accessible way to reduce energy loss in buildings and hit environmental targets. Building guides you through the market and latest developments

  • Icon

    The iCon centre: the beginning of something beautiful


    These days, ’green building’ is often synonymous with ’ugly architecture’. One project trying to prove otherwise is the iCon Innovation Centre in Northamptonshire. With a carbon footprint of only 12.2kg/m 2 and a bold architectural identity, is this a sign of a new era for eco?

  • Montgomery Passivhaus School

    Top of the class: Passivhaus school design


    A primary school in Exeter won’t win any architectural awards, but is earning gold stars in zero-carbon and Passivhaus design. Thomas Lane swots up on how to deliver a low-energy building on a budget

  • Housing Expert

    Brettstapel envelope: The natural choice


    Getting planning permission to build a house in the stunning Scottish Borders requires a sensitive design, which is why architect Gaia specified a wooden Brettstapel envelope for this project

  • Projects

    Post occupancy: Is your green makeover really so green?


    Do low energy buildings really deliver results? Last month, Thomas Lane found two new-build offices that failed to live up to all their green credentials. Here, he reveals if two refurbished offices performed any better

  • marksandspencer

    Sustainability: From start to finish


    Sustainability means more than how a finished building performs - how the materials start and end their lives is increasingly important. Building looks at the challenges faced when trying to go green and how three sectors are adapting

  • Brazil

    Sustainability in Brazil: For the trees


    Brazil is famous for sustainability: a lack of it. But a new wave of green legislation and client requirements is creating demand for skills local contractors don’t have - and UK specialists are first in line for the work. Luke McLeod-Roberts reports in the second of our special features on ...

  • specifier

    10 ways to make your office outstanding (in BREEAM’s eyes, at least)


    These days the corporate world is falling over itself to improve its environmental credentials. Thomas Lane takes a look at the newest, greenest, office building on the block and finds out how your office can be ’outstanding’ too

  • zero carbon homes

    Case studies: houses built to 2016 zero-carbon standards


    The government’s recent announcement that ’zero-carbon homes’ need not include appliances will allow future green housing to ditch peculiar solar panel-toting designs to resemble, well, normal houses. Building tours some schemes that fit the bill

  • economics

    Sustainability: In-use energy performance


    Clients commission buildings expecting cut-price energy bills once they move in, but too often they are disappointed. Our expert from Cyril Sweett explains how ’Soft Landings’ can provide greater certainty

  • fact3

    Tesco's green specification process: Every little helps


    Supermarkets don’t like to be beaten on price - or on their environmental credentials. To get ahead of the competition, Tesco is now testing every bit of green kit it can lay its hands on to build zero-carbon stores. Building reports on the savings

  • Housing expert

    Which domestic renewables incentive is best?


    Adam Mactavish of Cyril Sweett provides a brief review of the incentive schemes for domestic renewables

  • marsh1

    Rebuilding Iraq: Mott MacDonald's Marsh Arab school


    How do you start to rebuild a country devasted by war? When Mott MacDonald was asked to make a school for the Marsh Arabs, it went back to using traditional woven reed – reconnecting the community to its roots.

  • Economics

    Why the Green Deal won't work for non-domestic buildings


    The government’s Green Deal promises to revolutionise the UK’s energy efficiency. But can it deliver financial savings? Richard Quartermaine of Cyril Sweett investigated the payback implications of four non-domestic buildings, and the results are not encouraging …