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    Building buys a pint … for Trident Building Consultancy


    “So what do you want to talk about then?”

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    Building buys a pint … for Collado Collins


    At the end of the evening there are only two of us standing. In several inches of sand in the boisterous balloon-filled basement of a Soho bar. “I think it’s time to go,” says Jonathan wisely

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    Building buys a pint... for Ryder


    Tonight’s jaunt happens to coincide with London’s tube strike, so just getting to the venue presents a challenge

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    Building buys a pint … for Moxon architects


    If you ever have a drink with Moxon Architects, wait until you’re about four pints along and mention the city of Helsinki. The chances are that they’ll start acting like Basil Fawlty with a corpse in the laundry basket. Or at least, the men will

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    Building buys a pint … for Penson Group


    “I’m claustrophobic ,” announces Lee Penson, founder of architectural practice Penson Group

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    Building buys a pint... for Mace graduates


    At what moment do you realise that you’re losing your youth?

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    Building buys a pint … for the Anyjob team


    It has taken two-and-a-half pints, but we are finally off the subject of mackerel fishing in Cornwall. Cue a collective sigh of relief as, after a slow start, the chat hots up

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    Net Worth... buys a pint for Building


    For once it wasn’t Building digging deep into the corporate pocket to stand a few rounds – it was the jolly folk at Net Worth, on the occasion of the debut of their construction and property networking club

  • Building buys a pint... Davy Smith Architects

    Building buys a pint... Davy Smith Architects


    When I arrive at the curiously named George and Vulture off Old Street, the team from Davy Smith Architects are clustered around a baby grand piano

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    Building buys a pancake... for Pringle Brandon


    It’s Shrove Tuesday, and Pringle Brandon has suggested we meet in town for pancakes. Now London is not overstocked with pancake houses, and the one we choose comes with a long queue of gourmands outside. Luckily PB had the foresight to book a table

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    Stace buys a pint … for Building


    It’s Tuesday afternoon, and I’m outside the Flying Horse as dusk falls wondering where all these old men in beige overcoats have come from

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    Building buys a pint … for Mott MacDonald


    Building’s meeting with Mott MacDonald’s transportation team has an inauspicious start – there’s a security alert on the Jubilee line. Out of breath, dishevelled and half an hour late, I arrive to find them settled in.

  • Building buys a pint... for East

    Building buys a pint... for East


    East are a busy lot. In December last year they landed the job of working out what should happen to the whole district of Farringdon over the next 25 years, including planting a Crossrail station in the Smithfield meat market area

  • Building buys a pint ... for Sonnemann Toon

    Building buys a pint … for Sonnemann Toon


    “I read Building in the toilet,” announces Gary Toon as I hand him his pint. I’m not really sure where to go with that. “Er,” I begin in response, but am saved by Cressida, his wife and fellow partner in their architectural practice, Sonnemann Toon

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    Building buys a pint … for Structure Tone


    It’s a tentative start to the evening. The downstairs bar in Smiths of Smithfield is mysteriously shut. There’s an organic beer tasting event upstairs but by the looks on everyone’s faces that’s a non-starter

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    Building buys a pint … Balfour Beatty’s birthday


    The cold snap hasn’t broken yet and I’m shivering beneath the magnificent arch at the entrance to the Natural History Museum.

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    Building buys a pint… for Gleeds and Cundall


    The scene is an organic pub, which boasts that it is the first and only one to be certified by the UK Soil Association for its green credentials. Jerry and Oliver opt for militant Eco Warrior pale ale while Ian strives for a touch of spiritual refreshment with St Peter’s ...

  • Building buys a pint for... Quattro Design Architects

    Building buys a pint... for Quattro Design Architects


    This must be some sort of a record. No, not the drinks tally, which is tame by some standards, but the distance that tonight’s group has travelled. Representatives from architect Quattro Design have made the trip all the way from the West Country – Bristol and Gloucester to be exact.

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    Building buys a pint … for McDowell + Benedetti


    For a nine-person architectural practice inhabiting one corner of a down-at-heel fifties office block north of the City of London, McDowell + Benedetti have a happy knack – well, gift – of mixing with the rich and famous.

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    Building buys a pint … for Woods Bagot


    Chosen watering hole: The Duke of York, Fitzrovia Ambiance: Rain, wind, patio heaters Topics: Working abroad, Oxford Street and dodgy environments, the number of ex-HOK architects in London Drinks drunk: 4 Kronenbourgs, Guinness, Abbots, Becks Vier, Fosters