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  • Rolls Building

    Pre-action protocol: Room for improvement?


    The TCC pre-action protocol is due for review – but do solicitors working in construction law think it needs major change?

  • Rolls Building

    Legal 500 2014: Building columnists in this year’s top lawyer list


    See which of our regular columnists featured in this year’s list of the great and the good in the UK legal trade

  • Procurement on trial

    Procurement on trial


    Construction firms are increasingly emboldened to take the government to court over its procurement decisions, but who’s to blame?

  • Computer

    E-disclosure: A clearer path?


    As electronic communication and documents become increasingly ubiquitous, procedures around disclosure have to be updated to keep up

  • Brentford stadium

    Planning for stadiums: A sporting chance


    Applying to build a sports stadium in an urban area can lead to a number of planning issues. But developers and contractors should point out the benefits it can bring to the community

  • useful

    Legal 500 2013: Building columnists make top-lawyer list


    See which of the writers in our legal section appeared in this year’s Legal 500

  • Rolls Building

    Mandatory cost budgeting: Counting the cost


    Construction legal experts debate the highly controversial subject of mandatory cost budgeting

  • Museum of Liverpool

    Museum of Liverpool: Nightmare at the museum


    The £72m Museum of Liverpool may have opened in 2011, but problems with the design and build mean parts of the iconic building are still inaccessible to the public. Last week’s £1.13m court judgment highlights the dangers for small consultants on big projects

  • blacklisting

    Blacklisting: Where will it end?


    How much damage will the unfolding blacklisting allegations inflict on contractors?

  • Special report

    Insurance special report: Trade credit


    Trade credit insurance has returned to construction, having all but disappeared just when it was needed most. So do today’s new policies offer a good deal for firms?

  • disputes

    Costly legal disputes: Everyone's a loser


    The amount spent on legal disputes has jumped by a third in the UK over the past year. Why are construction firms still so keen to spend on litigation?

  • Legal

    Legal challenges to HS2: Destination High Court


    High Speed 2 holds out the prospect of a much-needed boost to UK construction. But the legal challenges the project faces means it could hit the buffers before it’s even left the platform. Allister Hayman reports

  • News analysis

    New asbestos regulations: The risks


    From tomorrow stricter regulations will govern even low-risk asbestos work, triggering new obligations for contractors and property owners. Building reports on the risks for the industry if it doesn’t follow the legislation to the letter

  • squirrel tax

    Legal tax avoidance: No place to hide


    Legal tax avoidance is practised widely, but with mounting pressure from protest groups and the chancellor, is it still worth it? Here we weigh the financial benefits against the reputational risk

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    Difficult jurisdictions: Iraq


    Continuing our series on difficult jurisdictions, Stuart Nash looks at Iraq, where the country’s extensive oil reserves should provide an enormous boost to the economy

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    Has the financial crisis killed the construction dispute?


    Conventional wisdom says that this downturn will spark an explosion in legal battles as cash-strapped firms pursue the last penny from their partners. So why do disputes seem to be on the wane? Building and law firm Addleshaw Goddard gather a panel of experts to thrash it out

  • bribery

    Bribery Act: Where the buck stops …


    You probably wouldn’t dream of handing over a wad of $100 notes to clinch a deal abroad. But what if a third party acting on your behalf did just that, without you knowing? Under the new Bribery Act you’ll now face 10 years in prison

  • Ian Eastoe from Kier gives his eyewitness testimony

    Mock court cases for construction: Safety on trial


    The HSE’s latest initiative to bring the safety message to the masses is to hold mock court cases for construction professionals to observe. But how effective is it likely to be? Andrew Hankinson plays court reporter

  • Features

    I’ll be watching you: Serious Fraud Office


    Richard Alderman is boss of the Serious Fraud Office, and he has the construction industry in his sights. Roxane McMeeken finds out how worried you should be

  • Archive Titles

    Gun crime: the rising tide of risk


    Gun-related crime kills, maims and intimidates, and is frequently linked to gang activity and the illegal drugs trade in the UK. The number of overall offences involving firearms has been increasing each year since 1997/98, with crimes involving imitation weapons up 55% in 2004-05 compared to the previous year. Is ...