RK Timber Engineering, a Saint-Gobain company, has partnered with Barratt Developments to provide Smartroof integrated roofing for its Green House at BRE.

Designed to meet level six of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the roof was chosen for its sustainability characteristics.

Smartroof is an interlocking panel system that speeds up the construction process as it can be erected very quickly. It incorporates 200mm of PIR board to ensure energy efficiency and compliance with the code. The company says it can be made to a higher consistency of quality, and uses off-site manufacturing, which cut down on site waste. It also significantly reduces heat loss through the roof compared with traditional techniques.

It incorporates an insulated envelope, which provides water tightness within a day, allowing a first fix to take place immediately. The roofing system can be used with brick, block and timber-frame building techniques.

RK Timber Engineering


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