Hydro Building Systems has announced that its Wicona unitised facade system has exceeded the test requirements for European and Centre for Window and Cladding Technology curtain walling standards.

The full range of tests for weather performance, safety and security were carried out on a two-storey, 8m-high facade sample. The curtain wall comprised eight unitised units. The structural integrity of the unitised facade withstood 3600Pa, which is equivalent to wind speeds of 170mph or storm force 12 on the Beaufort scale. The curtain wall resisted both water penetration and air infiltration up to 600Pa.

The Wicona system applies the principles of off-site construction to the building envelope. The system is fully glazed and sealed in a controlled factory environment, and the complete units are moved to site for fast installation on to pre-prepared fixings. Any combination of profiles, external feature caps and glazing can be specified and the unitised system can incorporate stone cladding; metal, composite or polycarbonate panels; windows, doors and fixed light glazing; brises-soleil sun-shading and photovoltaic panels.

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