Club has still not given new opening date for 62,000-seat ground

Mace continues work at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, 15 weeks after the club first announced the job was running late.

The pictures above, taken on Friday last week, show the current state of construction at the 62,000-seat ground.

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And in a series of before-and-after pictures below, we show the rate of construction progress since Spurs first announced its stadium would be delayed back on 13 August.

Building understands that around 12,000 fire alarms are having to be checked with 2,000 workers still on site.

The club has written off playing games at the new venue this side of Christmas and is due to issue an update due early next month.

Spurs, who beat Chelsea 3-1 on Saturday evening, has been eyeing its fixture less than seven weeks’ away against Manchester United on 13 January as its opening match at the new venue.

But ahead of the Chelsea match, the club’s manager Mauricio Pochettino hinted the delay might extend beyond. “We need to wish and hope that in January or February we can move there,” he said.

Spurs stadium – in progress: